“With HAIKE GROUP, the Chinese is never difficult, as well as Chinese people.

China is never impossible.”

We are Chinese experts.

HAIKE GROUP is one of the leading companies in translation, interpreting, marketing, events, communication and education proyects between China and Spain, with more than 20 years of experience.

Our advantage is the management of both cultures, mentalities, customs, traditions and languages. This allow us to express correctly our clients’ ideas and to better understand their needs to fulfil the market demands.

With a responsibility and professional sense, we offer high-quality services meeting the deadlines with a sense of accountability and professionalism, whether it is a working or non-working day.

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Esperanza Qiaonan Liu. Chairwoman of Haike Group and ‘Asociación China España para la Cultura y la Economía (ACECE)’, Ambassadress for China of ‘Madrid Foro Empresarial’, Vice-Chairwoman of ‘Asociación de Mujeres Empresarias Chinas y Españolas (AMECE)’ and Secretary General of ‘Fundación Hispano China para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo’.

She studied in Nanjing University, China. She obtained a degree in Spanish Philology in there, she improved her passion for the Business World with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Her professional experience highlights because of the management of Diálogo programme, of China Central Television CCTV. She is the Secretary of the Aragón Foreign Trade Office in Beijing and the representative of government projects between China, Mexico and Spain.


We have a multilingual team who get the job done. They have a proven experience and know the cultural, social and owners’ differences between East and West. So, in this way, we offer Chinese and Spanish enterprises the best quality to promote its products and services in both countries.