‘’Fundación para el Intercambio entre Yiwu y España’’


The ‘’Fundación para el Intercambio entre Yiwu y España’’ is an entity in charge of promoting the freight train between Madrid and Yiwu (China) within the Chinese strategy plan ‘’La Franja y la Ruta’’.

Haike Marketing works with this entity providing support and manages the events made for its promotion in Spain. We have made translations, simultaneous interpreting, presentation works, photography and video, as well as media management. We have to highlight the subtitling of the foundation’s promotional videos in Spanish. A great work was done on ‘’La semana de Promoción del Tren de Yiwu’’ in 2018 with different forums and exhibitions, such as the one held at Museo del Ferrocarril of Madrid, which ended with a popular race, ‘’La Mini Maratón’’, in which Madrid City Council collaborated.