“Foro Internacional de Olivos entre China y España”

We carried out a twinning project between Castro del Río, Córdoba (Spain) and Liangshan, Sichuan Province (China), so that the Chinese community could knew the mills of this town and they could make beneficial trade agreements to both communities.

First, we led a delegation of Castro del Río entrepreneurs along with their major to China to present investment opportunities and interesting projects related to olive trees and oil from this town.

Upon their return, we brought directly from China a delegation of entrepreneurs related to this sector to foster collaboration between both countries and organized the first “Foro Internacional de Olivos entre China y España” with the support of the Chinese Embassy in Spain.

Along these days, we organized different activities such as olive harvesting and oil production. We showed all this on our social media so that more Chinese would know this process. Thanks to this, we get more than 200,000 Chinese people to know not only the oil extraction process but the great work that Castro del Río performs daily.