Haike Group carries out services linked to education projects, which are divided into projects with Chinese students, student camps, projects with university teachers and model schools.

Chinese Student Centers

Haike Group carries out projects to give the opportunity to Chinese students to study in Spain, from bachelor’s or master’s degree to doctorate’s degree. In addition, it carries out several projects related to education between China and Spain to promote educational exchange between the two countries. Haike has agreements with several universities and affiliated centers in Spain in order to coordinate and be in charge of making it known in China, to make it easy to Chinese students to study in these centers.

Student camps

Haike Group also offers camp organization services at different times of the year to take Chinese elementary and high school students to visit Spain while doing temporary studies so that they get to know Spain in depth and they have study experiences with prestigious teachers in multiple sectors, promoting relationships with students of other nationalities.

Project with university teachers

Haike Group brings Spanish university teachers to China to participate in conferences and research projects. In order to collaborate with different entities, schools, universities and organizations in China, Haike offers teachers the opportunity to lead groups of Chinese students and carry out professional research and studies with them in sectors such as science, biomedicine, international finance, cultural history from Europe, western art and music.

Model school

Haike Group has its own modeling school, located in Madrid. Teachers are famous models from Spain and Italy. With classes of parade, interpretation, art, production and speaker, among others. It also collaborates with different agencies and producers, both Chinese and Spanish. The students are, for the most part, Chinese residents of China and Spain and of multiple ages.