Chinese New Year 2020

This year, the Chinese New Year 2020 Celebration, the year of the rat, was very important in Usera. The City Council of Madrid organized different activities that are still in force in much of the community today.

The Chinese and Spanish community got together in this great celebration that succeed thanks to the collaboration of HAIKE GROUP.


Our company is part of both cultures and has been working in this sector for years. We helped all Spanish and Chinese media that wanted to be part of this great time of the year. We also helped those media which included the news about all the activities in their newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. We helped them to conduct interviews when there were hardships with languages, and we followed them up later to verify the great work they did.


That wasn’t all! We managed the social media of ‘’Madrid Cultura’’ and ‘’Madrid Destino’’ (Facebook and Twitter) so that all people interested in this great event knew all the activities, schedules, etc. firsthand. We also made the event’s website in Chinese and Spanish so that everybody could find the information in the best possible way.

Esperanza Liu, CEO of HAIKE GROUP, played a fundamental role because she hosted some of the shows and activities of this celebration. Her great knowledge of Chinese, her mother tongue, and Spanish helped a lot throughout the event. In addition, her career as hostess in Chinese TV and in different events national and internationally showed her huge knowledge in this media world.