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The Chinese New Year lasts almost the entire month of February. It lasts around three months with the atmosphere of parties and celebrations, since Christmas in December, the western New Year in January, to the Chinese Lunar New Year in February. When we would like to start to do something official with seriousness, we will be on spring, and a quarter of the year will have passed.

The time doesn’t wait for us. We are in an era where the time flies and everything goes very fast. Especially in China, where everyone wants to do something at every second. On the other side, we see Spain, where the rhythm is relaxed and calm. Lots of Chinese people living in Spain are afraid of the fast speed of life, they feel lost and left by their hometown. Chinese have the impression that Spain is a quiet and traditional country, but over the years, they are also getting used to enjoy the blue sky of this country.

We are living in a marketing era, even though the sales result always interrupts in a strategy a long term. Chinese people love what France and Italy are doing with their images and their brands, so China use thousands of ways to sale with tales, stories, decorations, feelings, etc. Spain is different, here works the customs and traditions. The family and the friendship worth more. Spanish people value more a person or a product for the inside, and they don’t care about the added value.

The word “culture” is really interesting. We need a lot of time and effort to know a culture, is not enough with a meal, a dance, a paint or a travel. The true cultural integration needs experiences in every aspect of each sector.

The Chinese zodiac signs form a recurring cycle of 12 years, with the rat as the beginning and the pig as the end. With the year 2019, we will entry in the final of this cycle, so this could be a reason to do things much better, ending a cycle with success to start the next one stronger.

We join together to make this path of the year 2019 hand with hand. Happy New Year to all!

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