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Since 2010 to 2017, what happened with the traditional media? When you are in the underground or in a cafeteria, and you see a person reading a magazine or a newspaper, what do you think? Probably you don’t believe it, if you ask yourself if you have bought a magazine or a newspaper this year, surely the answer is NO. this is the situation with the traditional media. Soon the computers will be useless and them will be gradually replaced by the mobile phones, iPad, etc. The social media take you everywhere and who is going to read each word of a magazine?

Nowadays, we know what is been an INFLUENCER, an efficient way of marketing. We are in touch with apps like WeChat, Weibo, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. that have the capacity to make yourself known in one night to millions of people around the world. We finally know that the success does not demand a high quality of the photos, structured phrases, etc., is enough with a simple idea and make it known quickly to others to support and recognize you. The result is guaranteed.

However, we still insist in the magazine, as the designers with clothes, the photographers with their black and white photos, the jewellery with the pearls and the artist with the opera. What we are showing to the world is the nobility, an essence, a spirit that can be seen and touch. Here, there is a rule that has to be respected no matter what, the category, heritage, culture, elegance, value and the recognition, everything it shows is essential and irreplaceable. We take what the social media shows without forgetting to keep the essentials of the magazine. Nowadays, the time is more important and valuable, the people of modern society don’t have time to think about the beauty behind a little review, or maybe they are too lazy to discover it. But what a magazine offers is its collection value that will become memories that will serve a lifetime.

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